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Kitchens of the world



Kitchens of the world

Kitchens of the world is a unique festival of national cuisines, food and equipment for preparation and serving of foods, which will be held on the 20th and 21st of April, 2018. at the Royal Inn Hotel in Belgrade.

Embassies, producers of organic products, spices, honey, pasta, wines, rakija, cheeses, chocolates will gather at one place. The festival will also feature producers of high quality dishes and exclusive equipment for preparing and serving food.

The national dishes, the way of storing food, and the foods used for the most famous recipes, represent the brands of each country. That is why the Festival is an ideal opportunity for embassies in Serbia to present an important part of the national culture, life and history of the gastronomy of their country. Kitchens of the world is a festival that excites all sences, tastes and desires. This is a place where people can eat, enjoy, be informed and develope healthier habits. Recipes are shared on social networks around the world.

The festival is held within the traditional Belgrade Health Festival and was brought up by
numerous media outlets in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.